Information for Creators

Information for Creators

Sharing your work

If you're a local creator—for example, an author, musician, or filmmaker—or a self-published author, and you’d like your work included in our collection (by selling or donating to us), please contact us by using the form below.


Our selection team will decide whether to add your book to our collection. If you want to know more about how we decide which items to purchase, please see our Collection Development Policy.

Due to the high number of requests received, we are not able to let you know if your suggested item will be purchased. If it is, you will receive an order from the Library or one of our vendors, and the title will show as “on order” in the Library catalogue.

Submission tips and guidelines

  • While we welcome submissions from creators, we receive a large number of submissions, and purchase self-published books very selectively.
  • We are most likely to purchase books of significant local interest or which have received media attention.
  • Donated copies are not necessarily added to the collection. Please do not send or drop off copies of your work. We will not be able to return them.

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