Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Home Delivery is a free service for Halifax Regional Municipality residents who are unable to visit a Halifax Public Libraries branch due to disability, long-term illness, or caregiver responsibilities.


  • If you have a disability or personal circumstance that prevents you from using a branch regularly, you are eligible for the service, regardless of age. For example, if you have a visual disability, severe arthritis, a heart condition that prevents you from carrying items, or caregiver responsibilities, you can register for this service.
  • You can also register temporarily if your need is short-term. Clients can join for as little as three months. For example, you may want to sign up if you are recovering from an operation or illness.
  • You do no not need to provide any medical documentation to sign up.

Sign up

To request Home Delivery service, please complete our application form or call us at (902) 490-5725.

If you're eligible, you will be enrolled and we will get in touch to start you in the program. 

Home Delivery service is available in the following communities:

  • Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Woodlawn, and Eastern Passage
  • Halifax, Clayton Park, and parts of Bedford
  • Spryfield and surrounding area
  • Sackville and surrounding area
  • Tantallon and surrounding area

If you’re eligible for Home Delivery but don’t live in a community that we service, we’ll register you for our Borrow by Mail service.

Branch-by-branch information

Alderney Gate Public Library: 902-490-5745

Bedford Public Library:  902-490-5740

Captain William Spry Public Library: 902-490-5244

Halifax North Memorial Public Library: 902-490-5725

Sackville Public Library: 902-865-8653

Tantallon Public Library: 902-826-3330

Woodlawn Public Library: 902-490-2636

We’ll help you pick books and more

We can deliver a variety of different items from our collection - right to your door:

  • Regular and large print books
  • Paperbacks
  • Magazines
  • Books and music on CD
  • DVDs

Once you're registered for Home Delivery, you can call us for help choosing items based on your interests.

To avoid sending duplicates, items are checked against a list of previously-borrowed material. Only Library staff can see this list. You may request that the Library not maintain this history.

How it works

  • You'll get items delivered to your home every 3 weeks, either by Library staff or volunteers.
  • You can also arrange for a friend or family member to pick up your items at any of our locations.
  • You do not pay late fees on any items that you borrow (by delivery or in person).
  • If you damage or lose an item, you will need to pay the replacement fee and this service may be suspended if you have unpaid fees.
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