New Printing Credit for All Library Cardholders

Printing at the Library just got a little bit easier!

In response to COVID-19, to ensure the safety of community members and staff, Halifax Public Libraries has adjusted services to limit face-to-face transactions where physical distancing may challenging.

$5.00 of free, in-branch printing will now be allocated for every library cardholder, per month. This decision is rooted in health and safety, and also works to remove barriers to accessing Library services.

Printing changes

All library cardholders now have an Allocation Account balance to print items at the Library. The total of this account is $5.00, and the balance resets to $5.00 at the start of every month. This means that every month, every library cardholder has access to $5.00 worth of printing!

Additionally, cardholders now have access to an additional $5.00 Credit Account balance which resets when the cardholder pays the balance off. Think of this account similar to an overdraft account at the bank. 

Now, when you go to print items at the Library, the following accounts are displayed on printing menus and can be chosen as payment options:

  • Free Printing Allowance: $5.00 worth of printing, accessible to all library cardholders, per month. This amount resets to $5.00 at the start of each month and does not accumulate.
  • My Printing Account: Any money that the cardholder has deposited to their card will be in this account.
  • Credit Account (up to $5): Similar to an overdraft account. This account is a $5.00 buffer that allows the cardholder to overspend on their account, and pay back the sum to reset. 


Read through the following frequently asked questions to learn more about these updates to Library printing services.

1. Have there been any changes to the cost of printing items at the Library?

Printing costs remain the same. Prices are per page with taxes included:

Black & white printing

  • Single-sided: $0.10
  • Double-sided: $0.20

Colour printing

  • Single-sided: $0.25
  • Double-sided: $0.50

2. If I don’t use the $5.00 on my account this month, will I have $10.00 on my account next month?

No, the $5.00 Free Printing Allowance is reset to $5.00 at the beginning of every month and does not accumulate.

3. Can I use the Free Printing Allowance to pay for photocopying?

At this time, there remains a fee for photocopying, as that function is not connected to library cards. 

4. How does the Credit Account work?

The Credit Account provides a “print now, pay later” print service of up to $5.00. The $5.00 credit amount is not refreshed. The library cardholder pays it off. For example, if someone spends $1.00 of credit, they will have $4.00 remaining until they pay off the $1.00.

5. Can I use the Free Printing Allowance if I’ve logged in with a guest pass?

Free printing is not available for community members using guest passes.

6. Will temporary digital library cards have access to the Free Printing Allowance, Credit Account?

Yes, temporary digital library cardholders will have access to the $5.00 Allocation Account. We encourage those who plan to visit branches and borrow physical items to see staff in order to upgrade to a permanent physical card.

7. With the updates to printing accounts, have there been any changes to printing using PrinterOn or Print by Email?

No, there have not been any changes to using PrinterOn Mobile Printing service or our Print by Email service. Those who use these services will still be able to use the $5.00 Free Printing Allowance for their print job by entering both their library card number and their email address at the Print Release Station. 

8. Can I donate or transfer my Free Printing Allowance to someone else?

Your monthly printing credit is not transferable to other cardholders. We encourage community members to sign up for their own card if they do not yet have one and reach out to a Library staff person at any time if they have concerns about their printing balance.


If you have any questions, connect with Ask the Library.

Phone: 902-490-5753