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Graduation Worries – Article By Emily, Teen Blogger

It’s no secret that it’s that time of the year again: graduation. If you’re anything like me, right now you’re slightly panicked about the idea of change, especially one on this scale. It seems as though everyone has it together and is ready to move forward but I promise you are not alone in your fears should you have them. It took me a while to realize that these fears were perfectly normal. To help you with those feelings, I want to share some of mine with you.

I have always been a relatively good student. I know how to organize my time, complete assignments, and stay on top of everything. Recently, the thought crossed my mind that school might be my crowning glory. What if my greatest skill in life is academics related? And while that might not necessarily be a bad thing, I worry about it not being enough to cope in the ‘real world’ that everyone loves to talk about. The shot of panic that comes after this thought must only be followed by one other: we'll see. My whole life I’ve tried to remember that worrying is a U-turn, and I’ll always return to where I started. Just yesterday, I worked out my schedule for university next year. There is a crushing feeling that I’ve made all the wrong choices. What if I hate all my courses? What if I’m not good enough to reach my dreams? And yet, once again, these worries hinder progress. If I spend all my time worrying about if I’m good enough, I won’t become the person I’d like to be because I will be stuck in the past with my fears. This applies to anything post-secondary, whether you’re starting university, college, or getting into the work force.

I have found that the best way to get started on MOST things is to learn as much as you can about them, jump in, and figure out if you like them later. Remain open minded about the choices as well as your own abilities. There is always the possibility that something will change along the way, and that is absolutely okay. Just stay open to the idea of it.

The last thought I’d like to share is more of an umbrella term than anything specific, and a thought that most, if not all, people have. That is the fear of failure. A paragraph in a blog post is not nearly enough to talk about this idea; it can only scratch the surface. One of my greatest fears has been that of failure, this overwhelming feeling that no matter what I do it will end badly. Cliché as it sounds, a failure is an opportunity for change, despite how scary and disappointing it feels at the time. Failure gives you information; it tells you what needs to change to avoid it next time. When you see failure as a learning opportunity, it seems like less of a threat. There is power in accepting your fears and moving past them. That in itself is a valuable skill.

Undecided - book coverI hope that you found comfort in knowing that you are not alone if you share any of these fears. One of my favourite words at the moment is "endure", meaning "to last or persist, prevail, persevere". I love it because it has the implication of something wonderful on the other side of any challenges in your life. Endure your fears and these changes. Have faith. If you find that my suggestions did not help, remember that there are dozens of resources in Halifax that are designed specifically for people to just talk. Your high school guidance counselors are there to make the transition from high school an easier one, as well as advisors at universities or community colleges should you choose to go to one. The library has some excellent resources such as Undecided: navigating life and learning after high school by Genevieve Morgan or Mindfulness for Beginners by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn if you prefer audio Mindfulness For Beginners - Audio Book Coverhelp. Kids Help Phone (24 hour: 1-800-668-6868) is excellent for anonymous and immediate help if things get too stressful. I wish you all the best in your future plans and I know that with some hard work and open-mindedness, you will be just fine.



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