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How to Compose the Perfect Email - Article by Becca, Teen Blogger

Writing emails, even in 2015, is a necessity. Whether it's for an interview, an inquiry, or getting back in touch with an old friend, they are inescapable. They can certainly be a cause of stress, so finally, after a lot of trial and error, I have developed the formula for the perfect email. After some practice, you’ll learn how to easily fire off emails and letters, in under half an hour.

The perfect email doesn't need to be very long, but should be composed of a minimum of three paragraphs: the introduction line, the purpose, the conclusion and thank you. The first paragraph, the introduction, should include a greeting, such as “hello” or “dear”. This should be fairly brief and simple. The second paragraph should include both a small summary of yourself and your purpose for writing. This paragraph is the most important, as it contains the important information of the email, and should therefore be clear. As there is a wide range of topics to be covered in this paragraph, it may be large and may need to be split into two portions. The third paragraph should be a short conclusion, and your closing remarks, like “thank you”, followed by your name, again.

Here's a simple template for a short, formal email.

Dear (name of correspondent),

I am (your name), and I'm (fact about you). I'm writing in reference to (purpose of email). I'm interested in this because (reason for interest).

If you could get back to me by (time and date), that would be appreciated.

Thank you,

(Your name)


After you've written up the template, fill in the blanks, then edit! It's that simple. Of course, you might need to change the template around a bit to accommodate your specific email. Do you think you understand the concept? This is an example of the template in action:


Dear Halifax Public Libraries,

My name's Becca, and I'm thirteen years old. I am writing in reference to the recently open volunteer position, Teen Blogger. I have been keeping my eye on it for about three months now, and I am very interested in getting more details. As an avid teen reader and writer, I think this volunteer opportunity would be perfect for me!

If you could get back to me by the 10th of December, that would be appreciated.

Thank you,



So, that's a finished formal email. Other emails can have similar structures but more relaxed word choices. Hopefully this can help with all your future writing!


Happy Holidays!


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