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My Summer Vacation - Article by Ben, Teen Blogger

This summer I went on vacation to Utah, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Summer vacations are a great way to experience new places, for sightseeing, shopping or exploring museums and national parks. The purpose of the vacation was to explore the national park loop in Utah, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and Las Vegas in Nevada.  

In Utah, we spent most of our time in small towns. The first town we went to was Moab. In Moab, there is the Arches National Park. We hiked in this park and got to see many of the awesome rock formations. When we were walking on a trail to get to one of the arch formations, we came across a Gopher Snake slithering across the trail, and it was about 5 feet long. The second small town we went to in Utah was Hurricane. Forty-five minutes outside of Hurricane is the Zion National park. In Zion you can take a shuttle bus to one of the many hiking trails in the park, and one of the trails we hiked took us to three emerald-coloured pools located along the side of the mountain.

The snake we came across while hiking on the trail

The house we stayed in located in Hurricane, Utah

This rock formation used to be an arch

The main reason for visiting Arizona was to see the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon has four rims: the North, South, East and West rims. The two main rims are the North and South rims. The North rim is a bit smaller and has fewer tourists, but, it does have a big lodge. The South rim is way bigger, has a lot more facilities and it also has a shuttle bus. However, the bad thing about the South Rim is that there are a lot more tourists.

The Grand Canyon is a pretty breathtaking place when it comes to its size. It’s one kilometre deep and is layered all the way down to the bottom. The layered rocks and rock formations are very cool when you’re looking down at them. When we visited the Grand Canyon, we stayed in a motel in a Navajo Town called Cameron. The motel we stayed in is called The Cameron Trading Post and it once was an authentic Navajo trading post. Cameron is located close to the Grand Canyon, and one evening we got to watch the sunset over it.

Our hotel room at the Cameron Trading Post

The shuttle bus that took us around the Grand Canyon

A shot of the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas was our last stop. It is a very busy city with lots of fancy people and buildings. After walking on the Strip, I soon realized that Las Vegas can't compare with the natural beauty of the national parks. I got just as good of an experience driving through Las Vegas as I would have taking the time to walk through it.

When we were in Las Vegas, we went to the Hoover Dam, Welder Up (The set of Vegas Rat Rods), and Counts Customs (The set of Counts Custom). The Hoover Dam was an awesome experience, and looking down over the edge was pretty cool. Welder Up and Counts Customs were cool because I watch those shows and the cars were awesome.

The inside of the Las Vegas Bass Pro Shop

This is one of the many cool trucks at Welder Up

A shot of the Hoover Dam

There are many places for summer vacations. If you do ever go on a summer vacation, take the time to really stop and experience the place you have travelled to. And don't forget to bring a travel guide!

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