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Name of the Star - Review by Pranathi, Teen Blogger

London 1888, Whitechapel district, five women brutally mutilated and murdered and one unidentified serial killer on the loose. The Name of the Star is who you seek.

Jack the Ripper is the infamous serial killer of the London Whitechapel murders of 1888 who, to this day, is still unidentified and therefore considered one of London’s greatest mysteries. Throughout the years of 1888 to 1891 Mr. Ripper had established his name through the inhumane methods used to attack his victims. His actions were greatly recognized throughout the city of London and several forms of media, most particularly the Star newspaper, which had taken an interest into finding out who Mr. Ripper was and the motives behind the diabolical killer. Nothing was found and now it may be too late to ever find out who was the face behind the name.

The Jack the Ripper/Whitechapel Murders had occurred over a century ago, so why is it that in early 21st century London the same style of murders are occurring again? And why isn’t anybody or anything able to capture this murderer if he is following the path of the original Jack the Ripper? The Name of the Star is the first book in the thrilling series Shades of London and it takes you on a brilliant, unforgettable, quirky, frightening and emotional adventure through London with Rory Deveaux and her newly acquainted friends while they attempt to find this Jack the Ripper copycat killer.

If you had to ask me what my favourite book was I wouldn't be able to give you an honest answer but I can honestly tell you that this book, The Name of the Star, is one that gets better every time I read it and therefore, it lays in my top three books. It shocks me at how well author Maureen Johnson is able to fit such quirky characters into a story of death, murder, mystery and revenge. In addition, I also appreciated the writing style Ms. Johnson used throughout the book. The story alternated from two different narrators, one being the main character, Rory Deveaux, who narrated the story in accordance to the events which occurred around her and the second being an unknown narrator who narrated the time of the murders. I really admired how the author chose to do this because of the drastic tone change. With the sudden unexpected change in tone, Ms. Johnson was able to keep me interested and keep the suspense level high. I could feel my fingernails digging into my palms as the suspense continued, leaving imprints of my nails in my hands.

If you enjoy books like The Name of the Star, you might also enjoy books such as The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Diviners. The Name of the Star is available at Halifax Public Libraries through the discover catalogue. For further information about the author or the book you can visit the author's website, or watch the trailer on youtube:

For more information about the Jack the Ripper/Whitechapel murder cases you can visit casebook.org

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