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Nancy Drew and Rainy/Snowy Days - Article by Havana, Teen Blogger

For most people a rainy/snowy day can be a drag, especially on a weekend. But, sometimes, it's good to have a stay-at-home day to relax. Relaxing doesn't always mean doing nothing though. There are lots of great things to do on a rainy/snowy day.

Here are my top choices of things to do (all on a Nancy Drew mystery theme):

At the top of my list of things to do is playing Nancy Drew computer games. They are the best! After all, who doesn't like a great mystery? Better yet, who doesn't like to solve a great mystery? That's right! In these Her Interactive computer games, you get to be Nancy Drew! And I don't mean you get to make Nancy Drew walk around from up above, I mean you get to look through Nancy's eyes! Plus, each game is set somewhere different. Through these games, I have personally been to Egypt, Ireland, England, Hawaii, New Orleans and more--without even leaving my house!

(Visit Her Interactive to try some free games.) Nancy Drew Graphic Novel #1 - book cover

These games are great because you can stay in bed all day and not feel lazy. It's pretty difficult to feel lazy when you're roaming around different countries completing challenges: looking for clues, interrogating people, doing odd chores, escaping from traps and occasionally...cooking. Also, they're not easy challenges. Quite the opposite! Even the Amateur Detective level can be pretty difficult in spots. You really get to use your brain.

Sometimes, I am even able to use skills and knowledge learned in the Nancy Drew games in real life. For example, I already knew a bit about the periodic table of the elements before we studied it in class because of my previous need to, quite literally, do rocket science in Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy. The same goes for electrical circuits. You can really pick up a lot!

Another great thing is that one game takes place over multiple days. The games can take months to finish, depending on how often and how long you play and, of course, how savvy of a detective you are. In fact, there are enough Nancy Drew games to last you a lifetime of fun, suspense, and fatal errors. There are currently 28 games and counting. Take a look at the preview for a new game just released, The Silent Spy:

Or get inspired to try The Captive Curse by checking out this trailer:

Number two on my list of things to do would definitely be reading! At Halifax Public Libraries, there are Nancy Drew graphic novels that are great for children or teenagers. (Editor's Note: you may also want to check out these other Nancy Drew titles or suggested mystery books.)

Nancy Drew Mysteries DVDMy third choice would be viewing. There are several episodes to watch on these Nancy Drew or Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys DVDs.  

So, you see, there are more than enough things to do to relax on a rainy/snowy day--and that's just on the Nancy Drew mystery theme!

Enjoy your rainy/snowy days!


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