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Partials by Dan Wells, - Review by Havana, Teen Blogger

" When our ancestors were

Attacked at Pearl Harbour,

They called it a day

that would live in infamy.

The day the Partials

attacked us with the RM virus

will not live in anything,

because there will be

none of us left

to remember it."

~ President David R. Cregan, March 21, 2065, in a press conference at the white house. Three hours later he hanged himself.

(from the Partials book jacket)


Partials - book coverPartials is a science fiction novel that is set in the future. It is Book One of the Partials Sequence. It is an amazing book! Dan Wells must have a huge imagination! I find it very difficult to imagine what the world would be like in a few decades or centuries, but this story is imaginative and creative in a doomsday kind of way. It's one of those books that really makes you worry about the future of human beings and makes you hope that more people read it so that the mistakes that were made in the book can be avoided in real life.

Kira, the main character, is only seventeen and yet she is already a medic-in-training and in only one year, she will be expected by law to get pregnant and keep getting pregnant as often as possible. These are the circumstances that the Isolation War has left the human race in. Not that there's much of the human race left anyway. And that is exactly the problem. There are only a couple thousand humans left in the world, as far as anyone can tell, and the youngest is fourteen years old! This brings us to the heart of the problem: any babies that are born die very quickly; they live four days at the most and it's all because of the RM virus.

The RM virus is an airborne virus that was spread after the Isolation War. It killed almost the entire human race. The couple thousand people who are left are people who, for some reason or another, are immune to the virus.  But that immunity hasn't extended to newborn babies. And without babies, the human race won't be able to continue; there will only be a human race for as long as the youngest person lives.

But what caused this whole thing? The answer to that is easy: the Partials caused the RM virus and the whole downfall of the human race.  But no one will confront them. Not after what happened during the war. Not when the Partials are so dangerous. Not even if confronting them could save the babies. No one that is, except Kira. Kira will do whatever it takes to save the babies and, therefore, the human race.

If you're interested in science fiction and dystopian fiction, then you will definitely enjoy this book. And if you're looking for more science fiction and dystopian fiction, then you may want to try Scott Westerfeld's Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras. All of these books can be found in the library!


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Editor's Note: Also, check out Book Two in the Partials Sequence, Fragments.


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