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Uncaged - Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Uncaged Book CoverDespite the fact that most typical action novels do not interest me, I have enjoyed a few throughout my life. Uncaged is one that I am adding to that list. When I saw this book on the library eBook page (a place that I suggest all eBook owners take a look at) I thought it would be worth a try. Although I expected a regular run of the mill action novel, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

The book follows the story of a girl who is searching for her brother, after he was involved in a crime gone wrong. She fights against a large corporation bent on the advancement of technology at any cost, and attempts to rescue her brother before he can come to harm.

Uncaged is a book that uses the real fear of corporate and government corruption, combined with deeply personal character conflict, to create an incredibly engaging story. The characters within feel very real and dynamic, almost no one is left as a flat, meaningless plot tool - an issue with some novels in this genre.

The story begins with a tense and powerful opening story arc, and manages to keep up the tension throughout the plot. Perhaps what is most skillful is how the authors use the contrast of the quiet times and chaotic times in order to properly create those moments of tension. I had no idea where the story would go next as I was reading it, and yet every plot point felt realistic and natural, without being too obvious.

A feeling of real tension is best created by the depth of the antagonists. In this novel, they are people explored in much detail, and who tend not to make silly mistakes that allow the heroes an easy road. What I always dread is reading a story in which good triumphs simply by the villain making ridiculous decisions. Luckily, none of that happens in Uncaged.

What I particularly enjoyed in this novel was the way the action scenes flowed. The biggest reason why I don’t typically like action novels is because the actual action is often confusing and lacks cohesion. Uncaged brings very concise and easily read action scenes that convey what is happening to the reader in a skillful and effective way. They were my favourite parts of this book.

I would recommend Uncaged to anyone who is a fan of the action genre. It is simple yet smart, and the authors show clear skill in handling the genre.

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[Editor's Note: this is book one in The Singular Menace series.]


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