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Let's Talk Libraries

We asked: "What does the best possible Library service look like to you in Bedford?" Take a look at our infographic to see your feedback.
Let's Talk Libraries: We've been fortunate to chat with you about Bedford Public Library—how you use the space and what you dream for it.
We want to hear from you! Take part in our quick online survey to tell us what 'the best possible Library service' looks like in Bedford.
Adventurous? Mellow? Sunny? Fill in the blank.
What do you imagine for your Library's future? Tell us!
Concerts? Craft fairs? Unicorns? The possibilities are endless. Tell us.
Crowded? Bookish? Quiet? Fill in the blank.
Tweet all about it! Let's Talk Libraries—on Twitter.
Share your thoughts, anytime. Visit us in person or send us a note at
What does the Bedford Public Library mean to you? Let's talk about your ideas and dreams for it. Check back often for news.
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