Interbranch Lending of Non-Circulating Materials Policy

All Halifax Public Libraries outlets have non-circulating collections to meet the information needs of their users. Whenever possible, non-circulating materials will be transferred between branches, for a limited time period, to meet other branch users’ information needs.

The inter-branch loan (IBL) service is available to anyone with a valid Halifax Public Libraries library card.

Library patrons may have a maximum of two (2) active IBL requests at any one time.

Inter-branch loan requests for materials will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Designated library staff at the lending branch will approve or deny an inter-branch loan request for materials. Decisions will be based on demand for the resource at the owning branch and/or the ability to satisfy the information need via alternate means.

Before considering an inter-branch loan, other means of meeting the information need should be investigated, such as faxing, sending photocopies via inter-department mail and/or using similar resources.

The following materials will not be considered for transfer:

  • Rare materials
  • Fragile condition
  • Magazines, serials and newspapers
  • Uncatalogued government documents
  • Duplicate circulating materials
  • Ready Reference materials
  • High demand materials
  • Maps
  • Microfilm
  • Vertical/Information files
  • CD or DVD formatted materials

Materials transferred between branches will be loaned for a period of up to fourteen (14) days.

Materials transferred between branches are for in-house use only.

Borrowing branches are resonsible for the care and timely return of IBL transferred materials.

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