Library Programming

Library Programming Statement

The Library provides a wide range of programming and events. Library-planned programs are free to all customers regardless of age, race, religion, familial belief, gender, or political affiliation.

Programs are developed to respond to emerging community interests and reflect our community, as well as to sustain demonstrated interests and demand. They complement other Library services by providing an opportunity to highlight collections, promote services, and share knowledge and expertise.

The Library upholds the principle of intellectual freedom and supports the rights of individuals to read, speak, view and exchange differing points of view on any subject. To accomplish this, the Library may present controversial programs in order to ensure public access to all sides of an issue. 

In addition to our own programs and events, we also partner with individuals and groups for programs and events that expand opportunities for learning, conversation, entertainment, and growth. 

If you are interested in offering a program, read on to learn more about our program guidelines, and next steps for partnering with the Library.

Guidelines for Library programs

The following guidelines are considered when selecting programs.

  • All programs provided in partnership with the Library must be open to the public and free of charge.
  • Programs must be designed to provide information or an experience for the public without promoting a business, product, or commercial enterprise.
  • Fundraising is not permitted.
  • Programs are generally planned 4 months in advance of their delivery date.
  • Programs should take into account the Library's strategic goals.

Offering a program

We encourage you to submit a request to offer a program in partnership with the Library. These submissions will be considered in light of programming needs, criteria, and Library resources. 

While we welcome all submissions, we are unable to partner to offer all of the programs pitched to us. Library staff will be in touch regarding your program submission as soon as possible.

Get started: learn more about offering a program.

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