Technology Access Policy

Access to Services

Access to public computers and other devices and services is available free of charge at every library branch. The specific software, hardware and functionality may vary from branch to branch.

To ensure equitable access, daily time limits may be implemented at some branches. Access may be limited on occasion due to planned activities.

Users are responsible for their actions and activity. Improper use of library devices or wireless Internet (WiFi) may lead to the suspension or loss of privileges.

Internet Service

Customers use the Library’s devices and Internet connection at their own risk. The Library is not responsible for equipment malfunction or the loss or transmission of users’ data.

Use of the Library’s wireless access is subject to the Internet Terms of Use.

The Library does not censor access to materials on the Internet or protect users from information they may find offensive. However, some materials are inappropriate for viewing in a public space. Staff may end a session if inappropriate content is displayed on either a Library-owned or personal device.

Technology designated for children and/or families may be filtered to reduce the likelihood of customers accessing age-inappropriate materials. As with other library materials and services, supervision of a child’s access to technology is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian or person who has signed the child’s library card in accordance with the Library's borrowing information.

Staff Assistance

If requested by a customer, staff may provide assistance with the customer’s personal device(s) in accordance with staff skill and comfort levels.

In the course of providing assistance, it may be necessary for Library staff to operate, change settings, and/or install/update software on a customer’s device (in person or remotely). Halifax Public Libraries is not responsible for equipment malfunction or the loss or transmission of users’ data as a consequence of staff assistance.

It is the customer’s responsibility to understand and follow the warranty stipulations for their device(s).

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