Mail-Order Catalogues: Dream Books

Written by Kristine, staff member, Halifax Central Library | It’s strange—some of my most vivid memories from childhood involve quiet hours sitting with those extremely delightful things that arrived in the mail every year: the Christmas Wish books from Simpsons, Eatons, and Sears. Now, Halifax Public Libraries houses many of these catalogue "time capsules."
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The Journey of a Book: Part 1

Written by Sarah, staff member, Collection Development | Have you ever wondered how a book ends up on the shelf at your Library? We're taking you behind the scenes of our Collection Management Department to see how books are ordered, processed, and delivered. It's basically like an episode of How It's Made, Library Edition. Bonus: A reading list of our Collection team's favourite books of all time.
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How To: Send a Print Job to the Library

You can easily print items from your computer, smartphone, or tablet while at the Library. With mobile printing, you can do this from home or on the go. There are 2 easy ways to send a print job from your device: email your print job to the location where you want to pick it up, or use our mobile printing service, PrinterOn, through your web browser or via the PrinterOn app. This post will walk you through both options.
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