In The Sunroom: Two Artists – One Art Show

On display until August 29, 2020 in The Sunroom at Central Library, Two Artists: One Art Show by Inae Kim and Elisabeth Hulshoff.

Inae Kim

"My paintings tell the story about my experience, emotion, and my love of creation. I am constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds me. I am fascinated by the architecture in Halifax, especially the historical buildings downtown, and the colorful houses surrounded by nature. My paintings draw attention to what we may overlook as we go about our daily routine."

"My favorite medium is watercolor, because its immediacy and transparency is undeniable and I never tire of watching the colors mix and mingle on the paper. Capturing the sunlight and the colors are always the most important elements in my paintings."

Inae kim was born in South Korea where she attended university obtaining both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Certificate of Fine Arts Teaching degree. Inae majored in graphic design and began her working career as an art teacher and a commercial artist in the field of advertising. In 1996, Inae made the decision to move to Canada and permanently settled in Halifax, in NS.

Inae became an elected member for the prestigious Canadian Society Painters in Watercolor (CSPWC) in 2011 and has received a number of awards from international and local art exhibitions. Inae’s paintings are currently on display at the Teichert Gallery, Argyle Gallery and The Wired Monk Coffee Shop on 5147 Morris Street in Halifax.

Art by Inae Kim

Elisabeth Hulshoff

“I am inspired by the magic of watercolour and by the beauty and diversity of plant forms. I enjoy exploring ways to express the rhythms of light and colour in nature. I am particularly interested in creating paintings by working from actual plant specimens. The plant subjects are often selected and photographed from locations around Halifax." 

"I carefully make sketches, tonal drawings and colour matching notes of my studies before creating my watercolour paintings. The process is challenging and lengthy in duration, often extending over many seasons before a completed work is achieved."

"My journey creating botanical art has guided me to see the wonderful colours and details in nature while developing an appreciation for the natural growth cycles and environments. It is always a happy discovery finding the many wonderful subjects to paint in beautiful Nova Scotia!”

Elisabeth Hulshoff  B.ED, M.ED, Dip SBA(Dist) discovered a love for observing and drawing plants while studying biology at McGill University. She took her first courses in watercolour at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and then continued her studies with artists from the Maritimes, Ontario, the Netherlands, Britain, the United States, and New Zealand

Elisabeth has studied botanical art at West Dean College and has also obtained the distance learning diploma with the Society of Botanical Artists UK. Elisabeth has exhibited her work in Toronto and in Nova Scotia since 2004 and her paintings are in private collections both in Canada and in Europe.

Art by Elisabeth Hulshoff

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Inae Kim

Elisabeth Hulshoff

About The Sunroom 

The Sunroom, located on the 5th Floor of Halifax Central Library, showcases rotating art exhibits that highlight emerging and professional local artists. This space invites everyone from our community to experience Halifax’s diverse expressions of imagination, knowledge, and creativity. 

The Sunroom is made possible by the generosity of Margot and Layne Spafford.