Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Black Canadian Literature?

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How much do you know about Black Canadian literature? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

Jeffrey Colvin’s debut novel was set in which primarily Black Canadian community?
This author and historian was HRM’s Poet Laureate for 2018-2020.
This author has written two books about Nova Scotian teens struggling to find themselves while facing very difficult situations.
Mamadou Wade and other youth members wrote a book about which Halifax community initiative?
Jahnoy Lindsay is an Ontarian comic artist best known for illustrating comic series featuring which characters?
This Canadian author wrote Queer Returns, a collection of essays on the intersection of blackness and queerness.
Which of these authors was not featured on Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den?
This book is a 2021 Canada Reads Finalist and was partially inspired by the author’s time living in Halifax.
Gloria Ann Wesley’s If This Is Freedom tells the story of freed slaves who settled in which province following the American Revolutionary War?
This Canadian has been called “the ultimate hockey dad” for having three sons drafted into the NHL and he wrote a book to tell the story.
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