Know Your Vote

Know Your Vote at Halifax Public Libraries supports the collective growth of our communities.

Know Your Vote simplifies election information for community members who live in the electoral districts of our 14 branches. We encourage you to use this resource to learn about the 2019 federal election: candidates running in your district, how candidates plan to solve some of the top issues at the forefront of this federal election and more about how federal elections work.

From community events, to Voter Pop-Ups, to downloadable information, explore the links below to know your vote.

Don't get lost in the information overload. This is election information made simple!

Voting Eligibility & Registration

Voting Information & Districts

Candidate Information

Learn More & Get Involved

Disclaimer: Know Your Vote is a purpose driven project to bring accessible election information to community members who live in the electoral districts of the 14 branches of Halifax Public Libraries. We are committed to ensuring that no candidate in the 2019 federal election is provided with an unfair advantage through this project.

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