Know Your Vote

Get to Know Your Vote, Canada!

The 2021 Federal Election campaign is underway and navigating the internet for accurate voting information can be challenging.

Know Your Vote is election information made simple.

Each box below is a question with a link to a reliable answer. Click the boxes below to know your vote.

Key Dates

  • September 1 - Candidates are all confirmed.
  • September 8 - Voting at correctional institutions.
  • September 10, 11, 12, 13 - Voting at advance polling stations and Elections Canada offices.
  • September 14 - Vote by mail application deadline.
  • September 20 - Election Day!

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Find Your Candidates & Districts


Know Your Vote is a purpose-driven project to bring accessible election information to community members who live in the electoral districts of the 14 branches of Halifax Public Libraries. We are committed to ensuring no candidate in the 2021 federal election is provided with an unfair advantage through this project. If you suspect the information on this page to be inaccurate, you can connect with the Library by emailing To clarify or verify information, please contact Elections Canada.

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