The Final Update Before Re-Opening Dartmouth North

A Look Behind the Scenes and Into the New Designs

We begin with many thanks

Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, we have one final Dartmouth North renovation update. This one carries with it an extra serving of gratitude for everyone who helped get the project to this point. Visiting and working out of a temporary location is challenging and the Dartmouth North community members and staff have been patient, unflappable, and still enjoying excellent service to the community. We feel appreciation for the many people who designed and built the space. Anyone who visits will be sure to see the attention to detail and care behind every aspect of the Library.

Little things make a big difference

Flexibility and freedom are key goals of ours. Many of our items have more than one use that can decided by each person.

A few little poufs will be sprinkled around the library. Folks will enjoy sitting on them when playing on the PS4, resting their feet on while reading in the nook, or as a play surface for an imaginary land.

All of the desks in the renovated Library space, including offices and the service desk, are fully height adjustable - a first for Halifax Public Libraries! In addition to being a good looking library, it will also be a more ergonomic place to work.

The nooks are stunning! Each study booth has all the trimmings with a heater, window, outlets, LED overhead light, and felt covered walls. These have already proved to be massively popular with the woodworkers who are still onsite for their lunch breaks.

And of course we can't forget the library's meat and potatoes - the new shelving. Some will be fixed to the wall while all of the shelves in the middle of the space will be on wheels and can be moved if a larger floor space is required for a special event.

Next, we add the best parts: people

The rest of the furniture, the collection, and most importantly the staff will be in the new space the week of October 11, which will truly bring the library to life, just in time to welcome the public back on October 16.