Halifax Public Libraries Adds Emphasis to Food Learning

Halifax Public Libraries offers a variety of food-based resources and programs to serve the needs and interests of the community, and now, it has a new team member at the helm of food initiatives. 

This fall, the Library welcomed its new Food Literacy Specialist, Emily Glover.

The path to food literacy

Emily always had an interest in cooking, and decided to pursue it as a career path. After high school, she attended NSCC's culinary program and found her niche. 

"I really enjoyed the artistic side of it, and being able to put my creations on a plate," says Emily. "I love to see a person's face light up when they try new food and have that experience in a culinary setting."

After completing the program at NSCC, she began working in the local restaurant industry for a brief period, but felt there was something missing. Her love for the culinary practice had always been accompanied by an interest in food science.

Emily decided to explore a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition Dietetics with Integrated Internship at Mount Saint Vincent University—bridging the gap between food and its effects on the body. She graduated and became a registered dietitian. 

Emily says her passion for the culinary world, and the desire to teach people about food, drew her to the position of Food Literacy Specialist at the Library.

"Being able to create Library programming that will give people this opportunity to learn and create for themselves is such an amazing opportunity for me."

The focus on food resources

Emily will offer her expertise to bring food-based programs to community members of all ages.

Some of Emily's priorities include providing food literacy classes for children and teens, sharing tips on food budgeting and healthy eating, celebrating local and global cuisine, teaching people hands-on culinary skills, and helping to address food security issues within the community. Her goal is to help the Library offer a rich variety of food-based resources and experiences to everyone. 

"A common ground for people is food, and it's something that brings everyone together," says Emily. "Everyone has food memories and food stories from the past, so bringing the two together and adding the educational component will offer a great resource to our community."

Food programming at the Library 

Check out upcoming food-based programs, happening across all branches of Halifax Public Libraries.