Poetry in Motion: Local Poets Share Words on “Water”

Look up on Transit through Fall 2022-Spring 2023 to see Poetry in Motion!

Halifax Public Libraries has the honour of working with the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, Arts Nova Scotia, and Halifax Transit to help bring the annual Poetry in Motion initiative to life. This is our fourth year supporting the initiative.

About Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion provides a unique opportunity for transit passengers to look up from their screens; to recognize how they move among their fellow residents and visitors; and to think about how a place becomes exceptional, why local history should be honoured, and what aspirations they have for their region.

Poetry in Motion reinvigorates the written word—making poetry accessible to all, connecting with people in shared or private moments, and celebrating the partnership of organizations, writers, and artists coming together to create truly poetic moments of unity. These short poems surprise and delight those who experience them in unexpected places.

2022 Theme and Poems

The submission theme “water,” for the 2022 program was open to broad interpretation, including fresh or salt water, water protection, water as livelihood or life, the element or natural force of water, fluidity or adaptability, erosion or sedimentation, or other meanings, qualities, or impacts of water.

Keep an eye out on Metro Transit through Fall 2022, into Spring 2023 for poems by selected writers:

  • Rose Adams
  • Tammy Armstrong
  • Douglas Burnet Smith
  • Dian Day
  • Michael Goodfellow
  • Nayani Jensen
  • Annick MacAskill
  • Briony Merritt
  • Shannon Webb-Campbell
  • Margo Wheaton
  • With artwork by Sarah Jones, Creative Lead, Halifax Public Libraries.