Sheet Harbour Public Library Renovation

Over the next few weeks renovations will begin at Sheet Harbour Public Library. These improvements will create a more accessible, welcoming and comfortable space for everyone. 

What is the Sheet Harbour Renovation Project?
Plans are currently in development to make needed improvements to the Blue Water Building. These improvements are limited in scope and will create a more accessible welcoming space for everyone.

When do the renovations begin and when will they be finished?
Renovations will begin in Summer 2019 and be completed in Fall 2019.

What exactly is being renovated?

  • A new ramp will be added to the front of the building creating a more welcoming and engaging entrance to the Library space.
  • The building washrooms will be upgraded, creating several new universal and accessible washrooms. This will provide clean and accessible washrooms for all users of the building including those using Recreation and the Library.
  • New heat pumps will be installed in the Library to help keep the space cool in the summer, preventing extreme heat closures and ensuring that the Library is a comfortable space to visit and work in.

Does this mean the Library is staying in its current location?
As many in the community know, the Library, HRM Parks & Recreation, and other community groups are exploring several ideas around a new facility in the community. The Library will be staying in its current location while this exploration is underway. A decision on whether the Library will relocate and where to is dependent on ongoing research and analysis, and has not yet been made. We anticipate a decision in the Fall.

Why invest in the current location now?
The planned renovations are necessary to ensure the immediate safety and wellbeing of the community the Library serves. They are an investment in the community. If the Library moves to a new space, such a project would take several years to complete. There are some immediate improvements necessary for the current location to ensure all community members in the Sheet Harbour area will have continued access to the Library.

What about the Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre, is the Library going to move there?
The Halifax Regional Library Board and Halifax Public Libraries staff, along with Parks & Recreation and other municipal staff are evaluating options for providing library and recreation service in Sheet Harbour. Later this year, staff reports will be provided to Regional Council and decisions will be made at that time.

How can I find out about the progress of the project?
Updates will be posted to the News section of our website and major updates shared via our Twitter accountopens a new window. You can also call the Library at (902) 885-2391.