When You Shine: Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week 2022

Like a trailer to a feature film, this teaser video will give you glimpses of the stories we're sharing this week.

When you shine...we shine together

Every year, volunteers sign up to give back. Even when the Library and the world were adjusting and adapting to the pandemic, hundreds of dedicated Library volunteers found ways to present 23 streams for virtual and in-person programs by giving over 1535 hours of their time. It's incredible!

This year for Volunteer Appreciation Week, from April 24-30, we're sending out our appreciation for Library volunteers by capturing a few of the many wonderful stories we have heard coming out of their work together.

To keep the stories true and personal, we hit record on our video cameras and turned over our blog to make space for volunteers and learners to tell their own stories. We asked them to take us into their sessions, share their memories, and talk about what volunteering, or being paired with volunteers, has meant to them.

A week of sharing stories as videos and blogs

Throughout Volunteer Appreciation Week, you'll find story videos and blog posts on our website and social media channels. The stories will be told by Library volunteers and learners and they touch on a range of themes, from thoughts on the value of Canada's culture of giving to the reciprocal nature of volunteering to the special connection between a volunteer and learner as a team.


Enjoy the stories and don't forget to share

Tell the Library volunteers you know how much you appreciate them, what they mean to you, and how you see them bringing great value to our communities. We are all thriving more thanks to the positivity, generosity, and knowledge of Library volunteers.

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