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Climate Action

Welcome to your resource page for climate action

Your Library has been amplifying local voices and setting the stage for climate education for decades. Now, we are taking our contribution to the next level.

Change can start here.

Visit often. Explore links to actions you can take now. Discover educational videos and articles by leaders. Read inspirational reports from across the world.

Let's work and learn together for the benefit of all.

Think Global, Act Local: Climate Strategies

Blogs & Resources

Federal bill on environmental racism needs your support

Dr. Ingrid Waldron of Dalhousie University and the ENRICH Project is asking everyone to call your local MP to support the legislation.

A staff list to inspire our kids and all beginners

To keep going and focused, we need to know the truths of climate change, and we also need to feel hope in the stories of people like us.

What does David Suzuki think about today's movement?

Suzuki joins the front lines in the documentary Rebellion, a vivid portrait of our young activists and senior advocates fighting today.

What inspires you to keep green every day? Some say art.

The beauty of our biodiversity is awe-inspiring. Print your inspiration for free from over 150,000 illustrations of the natural world.

Can we foster a nourishing food culture in our food deserts?

Ron Finley's TEDTalk shows you how he has taken on fast food culture by planting in abandoned lots, traffic medians, and along curbs.

Climate Kids by NASA

Games, activities, and videos are a few ways NASA speaks to kids and helps them understand what is happening.

What if you had Bill Nye explain global warming in a video?

Smithsonian Magazine gives us a clear, basic global warming facts in a video narrated by famous scientist and educator, Bill Nye.

What is sea level rise? Why is moisture important to soil?

NASA's Earth Minutes videos bring us back to the basics. Watch animated illustrations bring core issues to life. For all ages.

Quiz: What does your climate footprint look like?

Fill in your educated and wild guesses in this climate footprint quiz by New York Times. Wrong answers lead to learning, too.

Yes, bird watching can help save the planet

eBird asks you to discover a new world of birding. By logging your sightings you contribute to hundreds of conservation decisions.

Rebecca Thomas on what can we learn from Two-Eyed Seeing

With no common root of understanding and two different points of view, how can we learn from each other to save the planet?

Ways to help fight climate change as a province

Access local climate data, find ways to reduce your energy use, and go to the source for info on NS's cap and trade program.

Are you looking to take your action to the next level?

We all know David Suzuki is the earth's greatest champion. His foundation is a top-tier resource: 10 things you can do about climate change.

Spotlight on Local Organizations

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