Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Bring imagination to the table, and send something new into the world! Find events, guidebooks, and more to nurture your creative genius. Your Library is a space for makers and innovators of all kinds!

Activities & Resources

In the Sunroom: John Bladek

On display from June 4 to July 30, 2023 in The Sunroom at Central Library, art by John Bladek.

2022-23 Artist & Innovator in Residence: Christine Hempel

Design with Nature, Design with LEGO, and meet Library Artist and Innovator in Residence, Christine Hempel.

In The Sunroom: My Home, My Rights

On display from April 30 to May 31, 2023 in The Sunroom at Central Library, My Home, My Rights multimedia exhibit.

Meet the Library's Crafty Multi-talented Volunteer

Discover how 15-year-old Annika Koelsch fosters connections and enriches Cole Harbour branch through her diverse talents and volunteering.

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