Brewing Connections: Library Coffee Corners & Community Cafés

It’s no secret that our mission extends beyond lending books and promoting our collection—we're all about cultivating connections. Our Coffee Corner programming stands as a testament to this commitment.

On select weekday mornings, community members like Zack Pace come together at various branches, not just for the complimentary coffee or snack but for a deeper sense of belonging and togetherness.

"I come two hours early,” says Zack, emphasizing the importance of the program in his weekly routine, which sees him visit Alderney Gate Public Library on Friday mornings. 

A meaningful morning pause

Coffee Corner has allowed for new connections for Zack, a Dartmouth resident since 1962, who enjoys chatting with fellow regulars while enjoying a blend of offerings, from blueberry buckwheat pancakes to “fancy” granola mixes. “It's always good food,” says Zack.

And coffee and food enjoyed with others tastes even more delicious.

"It's a space for everyone to socialize within the community,” says Shawn Gregory, Community Navigator at Sackville Public Library, noting these gatherings have evolved into more than just a weekly ritual. "It's heartwarming to see our staff, volunteers and community members inviting others to join their table. It truly brings people together."

Lasting impact

Zack certainly agrees, mentioning that the Coffee Corner has fostered introductions and deepened community ties. "It's made me introduce myself to people that are here all the time," he shares.

Following the lonely days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the connections made through this shared weekly moment have been powerful. “It’s the little gestures that leave a lasting impact,” says Shawn, noting a mere cup of coffee can become an entryway to a tapestry of experiences and tales that unite us.

"I'd be disappointed if it stopped," Zack admits, capturing the influence of the Coffee Corner in his life.

In times when genuine connections can be hard to come by, Coffee Corners underscore the significance of communal spaces and shared stories. It's not just about the brew; it's about bringing people together—one cup, and one chat, at a time.

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This story was originally created as part of Halifax Public Libraries' 2022-23 Annual Report. Read the full report here.

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