Keshen Goodman’s Outdoor Library is Underway

Construction at Keshen Goodman has begun

Following public consultations and plenty of community excitement, we're happy to tell you that renovation crews have landed at your Keshen Goodman Public Library

Over the coming weeks, construction will begin to create the foundation for what will become a beautiful outdoor library.

You can expect to see digging, paving, and landscaping in this first phase of renovations.

No impact to service

Keshen Goodman will remain open throughout these fall-winter renovation activities. Regular service and open hours will not be impacted, however you may hear some noise from machinery while visiting the branch. That's the sound of progress!

Timeline and rendering

Renovations to the exterior of the building and surrounding areas will happen in phases until completion in Spring 2019. 

The spring will see the outdoor space come to life with new greenery, pathways, and seating. And maybe even a gnome here or there!

View the design rendering from Outside! Planning:


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To follow our progress on this project, check back here.