Celebrating Keshen Goodman’s New Outdoor Library

On Friday, July 12, Keshen Goodman's new Outdoor Library blossomed with celebration as we officially welcomed our community to the updated space.

Designed by Outside Planning & Design Studio, the Outdoor Library features updated landscaping, new "pencil" hammocks, an outdoor stage, and a café patio.

The day began with greetings from Mayor Mike Savage, Councillor Richard Zurawski, MLA Rafah DiCostanzo; and Sacha Muise, District Manager - Fairstone, a generous supporter of the Keshen Goodman Outdoor Library project. We are so grateful for Fairstone's support in bringing this fairytale to life.

Guests of all ages enjoyed gnome-making crafts, delicious local food, 3D-gnome printing, and performances by Bill Jardine and Matt the Music Man.

A gnew gnome gnamed Jerome

Speaking of fairytales, one of the most exciting moments of the day was the unveiling of the Outdoor Library's new 'mascot.' In Spring 2019, we announced this upcoming addition to the property: a friendly, whimsical gnome, carved from stone. Keshen Goodman Public Library hosted a Gnome Gnaming Contest for kids ages 5-12 to determine its unofficial guardian's name. Abby, a Keshen Goodman Library-goer came up with the winning title: Jerome the Gnome.

Abby joined us to announce Jerome's name, and was gifted with the original 3D-printed model. (See image above, featuring Abby and friends with the green 3D model, as well as Jerome's placeholder model—a very realistic printout.) The real Jerome is slowly—the only way gnomes travel—making his way to the Library and we'll share the news once he's arrived.

It's your space

We'd like to extend a huge "thank you" to all who made this day possible. We can't wait to see how you make this space your own.

Take a look through our photo gallery to 'walk through' a day in the life of Keshen Goodman Outdoor Library, and be sure to visit us soon!