Keshen Goodman Public Library’s Big Book Return!

What's a Library without a lot of books?

In July 2023, community members were invited to help Keshen Goodman Public Library get ready for a major phase of construction by borrowing a bunch of materials and helping us clear our shelves—up to 160 items per person, in fact. Now, as we prepare for the Library's reopening celebration on July 26, opens a new window, we're gearing up to bring back our full collection of materials.

Exterior book drops await

As of July 2, community members are invited to bring their borrowed items back to Keshen Goodman Public Library and have a hand in helping us restock our shelves! Our exterior book drops are now accessible to the public, and can accept returns beyond the branch's regular open hours. 


Free events for all

While visiting the branch, community members will be able to enjoy our updated outdoor space, and enjoy one of the free events taking place in our Outdoor Library this season! Visit our "What's On" Calendar,, opens a new window to view all upcoming events and keep an eye out, as new events are added frequently.

Please note that Keshen Goodman Public Library continues to follow its limited service model during this time. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more details about the Library's return to full service.

Keep up-to-date with the Keshen Goodman Public Library renovation by visiting our project page., opens a new window We also post fun updates to our social media channels, and behind-the-scenes blog., opens a new window