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Food & Cooking

Food & Cooking

Some years ago, you might have walked into a library with a snack and have been told to “put it away,” or “throw it away.” Today, we’re serving up a much different story.

We know that food brings people together, and so do free and welcoming public spaces like our libraries. At Halifax Public Libraries, one part of our vision is “A resource for everyone.” Resources come in all shapes, sizes—and yes, even tastes. We are proud to offer free snacks, workshops, resources, and tools for local food lovers and changemakers, year-round.

Staff Lists

Holiday Cooking and Entertaining

Holiday gatherings may be smaller in numbers this year, but there's no reason why we still can't make them special!

Freshly Baked: Cozy Mystery Treats

These cozy mysteries featuring baked goods are filled with quirky characters and delicious desserts. Have a swee, calorie-free read.

Stretch Those Meal Plans

Learning to cook on a budget or want to reduce waste? Check out these cookbooks to get the most out of your meal plans.

Use Your Kitchen Gadgets

Is that gadget you bought just sitting on the shelf? Dust it off and try cookbooks for pressure cookers, air fryers, skillets, and more.

Blogs & Resources

Nova Scotia Archives: What's Cooking?

This online treasury features approximately 1,000 old handwritten or early printed recipes from Nova Scotia's past.

Kick-Start Creativity: Crafting with Apples

Make something beautiful using freshly picked apples, and, after, carefully wash and peel the apples to enjoy a healthy, delicious snack!

Library Café Open at Keshen Goodman Public Library

We are thrilled to announce the Library Café at Keshen Goodman Public Library is open for service!

Cloud Cookbooks

Get cooking: explore thousands of recipes from 40+ local cookbooks.

How to Eat a Nova Scotia Lobster

Fresh lobster is a Nova Scotia favourite. But have you ever wondered how to get the most out of eating it? Claudia has some tips.

Perfect Pairing: 10 Favourite Books and Delicious Recipes

Louise loves reading about food in her favourite books, and thought: "Why not make a meal that matches the story?" Explore her suggestions!

No Soggy Bottoms! A Virtual Cookbook Display

Ever watched the Great British Baking Show, and thought, “How hard can it be?" If you've found the answer, and need some help, we're here.

Food Resources from HRCE & Schools Plus

Explore the list created by HRCE Family of Schools, featuring food resource locations and hours across HRM.

Cookbooks for Busy People

These virtual cookbooks will help you dream up and make something delicious, in a snap.

Asian Heritage Month 2020: A Virtual Celebration

In partnership with community, we've compiled a collection of recipes, performances and more to celebrate Asian Heritage Month virtually.

How To: Cook Up Something Canadian with Cloud Cookbooks

What are you making for dinner tonight? Visit Cloud Cookbooks in our E-Library to find out.

Renovations Begin: Keshen Goodman Public Library Café Space

Renovation on the café space at Keshen Goodman Public Library will commence the week of February 10.

Lou Duggan Creative Studio Grand Opening

On Jan. 18, we celebrated the grand opening of the Lou Duggan Creative Studio at Central Library, paying tribute to Lou's spirit and vision.


Check out our photo gallery from FRESHFest at Central Library, a festival-style exploration of Nova Scotian flavours and food champions.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Explore tips shared by local gardeners on Central's display board, and discover resources to put your best green thumb forward this summer.

Episode 11: You Do You, Mr. Tarantino

April's It Came From the Second Floor episode starts with Deadheads, moves into movie directors, and finishes off with a bite of fast food.
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