Food & Cooking

Food & Cooking

Some years ago, you might have walked into a library with a snack and have been told to “put it away,” or “throw it away.” Today, we’re serving up a much different story.

We know that food brings people together, and so do free and welcoming public spaces like our libraries. At Halifax Public Libraries, one part of our vision is “A resource for everyone.” Resources come in all shapes, sizes—and yes, even tastes. We are proud to offer free snacks, workshops, resources, and tools for local food lovers and changemakers, year-round.

Staff Lists

What's Cooking?

Shop, chop, and stop to smell the delicious recipes and healthy eating tips found inside these books.

By the Harvest Moon

You can just taste the delicious fall harvest with these Nova Scotia cookbooks!

Eat Your Way Across Canada

Check out these recent Canadian cookbooks. Try a new recipe or ingredient from great cooks across the country.

#MeatlessMondays: Cookbooks

Meatless Mondays is an international campaign that encourages people to cook without meat on Mondays to improve health and our environment.

Blogs & Resources


Check out our photo gallery from FRESHFest at Central Library, a festival-style exploration of Nova Scotian flavours and food champions.

Nova Scotia Archives: What's Cooking?

This online treasury features approximately 1,000 old handwritten or early printed recipes from Nova Scotia's past.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Explore tips shared by local gardeners on Central's display board, and discover resources to put your best green thumb forward this summer.

Episode 11: You Do You, Mr. Tarantino

April's It Came From the Second Floor episode starts with Deadheads, moves into movie directors, and finishes off with a bite of fast food.

Sackville Library Kitchen Renovation News

Renovations to create a new Library Kitchen at Sackville Public Library will start in Feb. 2019. The Library will remain open during this…

An Emphasis on Food Learning

This fall, the Library welcomed its new Food Literacy Specialist. Learn more about food-based programs and resources at the Library.

2018 Cultural Showcase at Woodlawn

Written by Jyoti, staff member, Woodlawn Public Library | Celebrating culture in our community with live performances, displays, and food.

Cloud Cookbooks

Get cooking: explore thousands of recipes from 40+ local cookbooks.

Gaelic Fruitcake: A Recipe Quest

Intrigued by an archival recipe for "Lunenburg Fruitcake" from a 1912 cookbook, Joanna goes on a quest to learn about its origins.
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