Happy Canada Day, Eh?

Canada’s turning 151 on July 1st this year. Our beautiful country spans from coast to coast to coast, and there is much to celebrate.

We’re the proud home of the double-double, loonies, toonies, and the delightful culinary concoction we call poutine. 

Our languages have developed alongside our unique history and reflect the many diverse groups who call Canada home.

A great example: the word toboggan. The English word was taken from the French Canadian word; spelled the same but pronounced differently. The word originated from the Algonquian languages. The Mi’kmaq, for example, use the word tepaqan.[i][ii]

This year, let’s celebrate what makes Canada unique. Below, we’ve selected a few books to help inspire you. Grab your rappie pie, place your holds, and let's have a time.

Happy Canada Day, eh?

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Sudbury dinner jacket, fuddle duddle, and chin music. Not sure what those are? You'll have to borrow the book to find out!

You Gotta Eat Here! on the Food Network Canada, has created a city-by-city guide to his favourite restaurants across the country. Check out the Halifax section for lots of great picks, including 2 Doors Down and Hali Deli.

The Rick Mercer Report. With the show completing its final season this year, it's a great time to look back at some of Rick's greatest moments.

@stats_canada, is a humorous report on all things Canadian. In no way connected to Statistics Canada, this book is filled with silly (and often completely incorrect) facts about Canada. Learn how to text like a Canadian, read the Tim Hortons WiFi terms and conditions, and find out what Canadians look forward to most in the Swiss Chalet Festive Special.

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