L’nui’suti: Mi’kmaw Language App

L'nui'suti, a free Mi’kmaw language app, was created in 2015 to promote the language, and give non-speakers the opportunity to learn.

L’nui’suti offers both written and spoken translations of thousands of English words, as well as a history of Mi’kmaw people and their language.

How the app came to be

L’nui’suti app was developed by Blaire Gould, JR Isadore, Yolanda Denny, Faye Googoo of Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey and Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk, opens a new window. They saw a need for such an app due to the decline of the Mi’kmaw language in Nova Scotia, and wanted to make language fun and accessible.

L’nui’suti allows the Mi’kmaw language to be readily available at your fingertips, and inspires the conversation for the language to be revitalized for all generations.

Features of the app

The app's main screen features a list of categories that you can sift through to find new words. By tapping the speaker icon next to the word, you can hear an audio clip of the pronunciation. The square icon next to the speaker will allow you to copy-paste the word.

The app’s second tab hosts an informative section on the history of Mi’kmaw people, the Mi’kmaw language, and how it has evolved.

While L’nui’suti does not host a translation function, the Search tab allows users to find the translation for words they are seeking in the app.

The final tab is a Pronunciation Guide that lists the Mi’kmaw alphabet with dictation which can help users learn to pronounce words in the language.

The Mi’kmaw language is critical to the cultural identity of the Mi’kmaw people. As L'nui'suti quotes “The ‘heart’ of any culture is in its language.”

Download L'nui'suti today in the App Store or Google Play store.