How To: Stream Movies with Kanopy

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Kanopy,, opens a new window the newest addition to the Library’s online resources, opens a new window, offers a wide range of independent films, classic cinema, documentaries, educational videos, and foreign films. Thousands of titles are waiting for you to stream, for free, on your favourite device!

Getting started

Here’s what you need:

Borrowing basics

  • There’s no wait! All titles on Kanopy are available for streaming by an unlimited number of Library users at a time. 
  • Movies and TV shows are available for 72 hours (3 days) after borrowing. 
  • You will receive 10 tickets per month that can be used toward video plays. Kanopy Kids offers unlimited plays per month.
  • Suggest an addition to Kanopy. If you think Kanopy should add a film you can make a suggestion on their site! 

What's available?

From box office hits to hidden gems, there’s something for everyone on Kanopy. Watch an old favourite or discover films from all over the world. View the collection on Kanopy’s website. 

  • Want to learn something new? Kanopy also features The Great Courses. These college-level video courses cover everything from history to science, economics to fine arts. Each course is available for five tickets, and you will have access for 21 days after borrowing.
  • Kanopy also offers a wide variety of content for kids. Kanopy Kids features hundreds of entertaining and educational videos for kids aged preschool and up. One borrow gives you unlimited access to all Kanopy Kids content, and parental controls help you manage what kids watch. There are no monthly limits. In this section there are 3 categories: Learning Languages, Learning About History, and Learning About Science, Math and Nature. There’s also a section called Story Time.

Extra Help: Watch our how-to tutorial on Niche Academy

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