Immerse Yourself in a Fantasy World

Written by Jeanna, Library staff member

When you want a break from the here and now, books can be welcome portals into unfamiliar landscapes and new perspectives. And, if you're looking for a temporary escape, what could be better than sinking into a fantasy novel with its own unique world to discover and explore?

Find some fantasy

Here are just a few of the fantasy titles you can borrow from our e-book collection.

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Dragon riders, a land ruled by queens, a society of mages. The Priory of the Orange Tree is a tale of epic fantasy and adventure that Booklist calls "spellbinding."

Finnikin of the Rock

Teen fiction offers up fantasy worlds popular with readers of all ages. The first book in the Lumatere Chronicles, Finnikin of the Rock tells the story of Finnikin and the mysterious Evanjalin as they quest to restore the cursed kingdom of Lumatere. "Magic, romance, intrigue, and adventure all play their parts as this dense, intricate epic unfolds, and flawed, memorable heroes fight for their kingdom's redemption," says Publishers Weekly.

The Raven Tower

Here, award-winning science fiction writer Ann Leckie builds a fantasy world full of political maneuvering, populated by humans and gods. With a plot influenced by Shakespeare's Hamlet, Kirkus Reviews calls The Raven Tower "sharp, many layered, and . . . deeply intelligent."


One of Kay's earliest novels, Tigana is an epic story of warring provinces, powerful sorcerers, rebellion and revenge. This is "a richly sensuous fantasy world, full of evocative history, religions, folklore, local customs, and magical rites," states Kirkus Reviews.

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And if one new world isn't enough, why not try a collection?