How To: Launch into Learning with Rocket Languages

Prepare for takeoff

Do you love language exchange, want to brush up on your high school French, have a trip planned in the future, or just love learning? If you answered yes, then Rocket Languages, opens a new window is for you.

Learn a new language

We understand that learning another language can be a challenge. With Rocket Languages, learning a new skill has never been easier.

You can learn 15 different languages including: Arabic, French, German, Mandarin, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, American Sign Language, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, English for Spanish Speakers, English for Japanese Speakers, or Russian. All you need is your library card.

Track your progress

Rocket Languages makes learning fun with interactive audio lessons that can be completed at your own pace. The program tracks your progress through benchmarks and allows you to test your understanding with voice recognition—providing certificates when you have finished each module.

Improve your pronunciation

Rocket Language's voice recognition program lets you record yourself saying words and phrases. In response, the software rates your pronunciation to help improve your skills.

Remember what you've learned

Rocket Languages allows you to take notes and create flashcards as you go, helping ensure the lessons stick with you.

Ask questions and chat with other learners

The Rocket Languages Forum, opens a new window is the place to go with any questions about your lessons or the language you are learning. Chat with tutors and other learners, and take part in threads like "First-Time Travel to China," or "Egyptian Arabic Sentence Structure."

How to: Get started

Your Halifax Public Libraries' library card is your free ticket to Rocket Languages.

Rocket Languages works in your browser (and is optimized for Chrome), or you can also download the iOS and Android apps for learning on your mobile device.

  1. Visit this link, opens a new window, search for "Rocket Languages" in our website's search bar, or find it under our E-Library of Online Resources.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Choose a language.
  4. Start learning.

Tips and common questions

Does the library offer language courses beyond level 1?

We currently only offer level 1 courses. Level 2 courses and up are only provided to individual premium subscribers.

Extra help: Watch our how-to tutorial on Niche Academy

Questions? Interested in sharing your Rocket Languages experience? Click here to contact us!, opens a new window