Librarians in Disguise: Halloween 2023 Edition

On the eerie eve of Halloween, our libraries transitioned into enchanted realms. Each branch, with a league of otherworldly characters, welcomed the community into a wonderland of imagination. Our diligent, yet playful, staff donned their magical cloaks and whimsical wings, embodying the spirit of Halloween. As you scroll through, you'll embark on a fantastical journey across our branches, meeting an array of characters who brought the immaculately imaginative spirit of Halloween to life.

The J. D. Shatford Memorial Public Library staff posing with some pumpkin people—looking gourd. 

Cat in the Hat, adding rhyme to the routine.

Our knight in shining armour, chivalry is not dead!

Purr-fectly poised for a day of whimsy.

Belle, finding her happily ever after.

A witch whipping up graphic design magic. We love a Canva moment!

Best believe she's still bejewelled. 

The team at Collections makes quite a collection.

Minnie giving MAJOR mouse vibes.

Stop right there and take a look at this costume.

Awaiting applause after performing the Monster Mash.

That's a good witch costume right there.

Ready for the holidays. 

Throwing it all the way back to prehistoric times.

Cole Harbour Public Library staff in a Barbie world.

Life in plastic.

It's fantastic.

Hi, Barbie!

Hi, Allan!

Hi, Barbie!

Hi, Weird Barbie

It's Barbie, if you're still in doubt. 

We're screaming with applause!

Fang-tastic read! 

Service advisors serving.

It's a match.

Dino-mite service on display!

Conjuring up some reading materials.

Sailor Mercury is ready to drop some knowledge.

The definition of "in costume."

Working her magic for a good pose. 

The pearl to our oyster. 

The Captain William Spry Public Library staff practicing their trick-or-treat formation.

Just getting back from lunch. 

Zelda didn't come to play... or did she?

Good vibes (and omens) only.