Quiz: How Well Do You Know Halifax History?

How much do you know about Halifax? Put your knowledge to the test with our latest local history quiz!

This book about Maritime food was published by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc in 2020.
This book by Sheila Flint tells her story of Africville, and how the destruction of the community affected her life.
This book by Ernest J. Dick is a biography of local actor and television host Austin Willis.
Which of these books was not written by Mi’kmaw historian Ruth Holmes Whitehead?
Deanne Fitzpatrick has written multiple books giving an East Coast perspective on this handicraft:
Guthan Prìseil: Guthan Agus Òrain Gàidheil Cheap Breatainn is the Gaelic title of this book by Anne Landin.
This book by Laurent D’Entremont is subtitled “A Humorous Outlook on the Small Acadian Farms of Nova Scotia in the Late 1940’s”.
This book published in 2011 from Goose Lane Editions discusses the history of glass production in Nova Scotia.
The Legend of Gladee’s Canteen by David J. Mossman tells the history of a simple takeaway food shop that operated at this South Shore beach for 40 years.
La Fleur du Rosier: Acadian Folksongs was printed by the University College of Cape Breton Press, and lists this Nova Scotian historian as a contributor:
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