Known Issues

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our website. 

While we're working hard to respond to and consider all feedback - there are some things we're still working on or have already been brought to our attention. In order to reduce the number of duplicate reports, we've compiled a list of known issues below. Please take a look prior to your feedback submission.

My Account:

  • New payment option hasn't been integrated yet, so there isn't an option to pay fines through the website.

Catalogue & Collections:

  • Some resources will not display cover images in the catalogue (DVDs, CDs, nontraditional items, and select book covers).
  • For now, some of our e-book records are being pulled from Horizon, while other (non-catalogued) e-book records are being pulled in via the Overdrive API. So we will have two different types of e-book records showing up until closer to the public launch.
  • The "While You Wait" button will sometimes fail to retrieve any titles, because clicking it does a real-time search for *available* readalikes.
  • [fixed] Navigating to a different page from the bottom of catalogue search does not bring you back to the top.

Website Content & Copy:

  • No information to report.

Programming & Events:

  • No information to report.

Usability & Navigation:

  • No information to report.

Bugs & Glitches:

  • No information to report.

Last updated 07/10/2018