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Your North Branch: Library Renovation Project Begins

On July 13, 2024 an RFSQ was posted on HRM's Bids & Tenders website, marking the first phase of the Halifax North Branch renovation project.

Bookmark 40 Years of African Heritage Month at the Library

Celebrate African heritage in Nova Scotia with our exclusive series of bookmarks highlighting African Nova Scotian icons.

No. 2 Construction Battalion: Canada's Black WWI Heroes

The depth, diversity, and complexity of Canada's wartime narrative during World War I is conveyed through the historical events of the No.2…

New Frontiers: Jupiter Reign's Story

Follow Jupiter Reign's journey of resilience, success, and joy. Discover her influences, achievements, and future plans in music.

Stories of Joy, Resilience, and Community Engagement

Celebrate African Heritage Month with these stories of joy, resilience and community from the hearts of our staff members.

Thread and Thrum

Sewing machines in public libraries are not a new concept—learn how "Freedom Libraries" in the 1960s U.S. civil rights era did it first.

Nahom Assefa's Artful Tribute to African Heritage Month

Talking to our 2024 African Heritage Month T-Shirt Design Contest winner about a vibrant design celebrating African Nova Scotia and beyond.

Jody Upshaw on Family, Music and What's Next

Discover the inspiring journey of Halifax-based singer Jody Upshaw, and how family has played a key role in her success.

Othello Pollard: The Innovative Black Chef's Life in Halifax

A story of triumphs, tragedies and tasty food. Learn about a pioneering American chef's life before and after moving to Nova Scotia.

Elevate & Explore: A New Travel Series for Black Exploration

René Boudreau's video series will help Black Nova Scotians explore the province, gain perspectives through travel, and break down barriers.

Rajean Willis on "Our Stories, Our Experiences"

Social worker and community connector, Rajean Willis reflects on her talk show series, and what it means to see someone else's perspective.

Tracing the History of Dartmouth's 'The Avenue'

The Avenue is a small, but significant, historically Black community in Dartmouth. Writer Kate Foster looks deeper into its history.

Meet The Preston Township Library Office Team Members

In 2021, the Preston Township Library Office opened its doors to the community. Get to know the special team that serves the area!

Meet the Creator of MichNat Fashion House, Funmi Odeniyi

"I have a simple challenge for you. What makes you deeply happy?" Learn more about Funmi, and register for her teen sewing series this May.

African Heritage Month: Literary Quiz

In honour of African Heritage Month, test your knowledge of popular literature written by authors of African descent with this fun quiz!

The Lives of Haligonians – John and Esther Roan (Carvery)

Our people, our history. This research piece focuses on the not-so-ordinary lives of John and Esther Roan (Carvery) of Africville.
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