A New Way to Access Your Library in Bayers Westwood

We've installed a Library Kiosk at St. Andrew's Recreation Centre

We are proud to offer our Bayers Westwood community a new way to borrow books. A Library Kiosk has been installed in the St. Andrew's Community Centre, opens a new window in Bayers Westwood.

The Library Kiosk will always be stocked with books for all ages and interests, as well as multiple languages—including French and Arabic. You can borrow and return books as you please—right there in your community. This kiosk marks our third permanent Library installation in the wider Halifax area. You may have seen our other kiosks at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, opens a new window and the Tallahassee Recreation Centre in Eastern Passage. 

Using the kiosk

  1. Scan your library card and enter your PIN number. (Hint: try the last 4 digits of your phone number)
  2. The door to the kiosk will open like a fridge.
  3. Browse the shelves for your next read. You can take the books in and out, read the back, judge them by the covers (we all do it).
  4. Once you’ve made your selection, simply close the door. The kiosk will take inventory of the books you have borrowed and print a receipt for your records.
  5. Enjoy!

Borrowing basics

It’s just like borrowing from any Library branch. Books are checked out for 3-week loan periods and can be returned to the following locations:

• The Library Kiosk

• Any Halifax Public Libraries branch or Book Drop—including the one at St. Andrew's Community Centre

• Any participating "Borrow Anywhere, Return Anywhere" library location in Nova Scotia

Need a card? Get a card

To get a library card, visit any Halifax Public Libraries branch or sign up here, online.