Big L Arrives

New monument for Halifax Central Library

A new sign has been installed in Central Library’s outdoor Front Plaza. 

What is Big L?

Dubbed “Big L,” the sign is an exterior monument and landscape feature that identifies Halifax Central Library as a library building and pillar of our community.

Big L represents inspiration and creativity, and extends the wonderment of Library life beyond our walls. Big L marks not only the intersection of Spring Garden Road and Queen Street, but the intersection of the Library with our community.

What does Big L look like?

Big L is composed of a light-up letter L and surrounding concrete blocks. Planters have also been added near the monument.

I’m sharing pictures of/with Big L on social media! Is there a hashtag?

We encourage you to share your photos and selfies on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #BigLAndMe! We’ll be sharing them to our Instagram Story on our @hfxpublib account.