Celebrating a Decade of Mini-Con

A Look Back and Ahead

A Universe of Possibilities Unfolds

If you've ever marvelled (pun intended) at the magic of a superhero's first flight or felt the thrill of stepping into a fantastical new world through the pages of a comic book, then you know the spirit of Mini-Con.

This year, Halifax Public Libraries marks the 10th anniversary of Mini-Con, opens a new window, our own local tribute to the vast universe of comics, pop culture, and everything geeky. Designed as a mini-comic convention for all ages, Mini-Con invites everyone to don their capes, wield their wands, and celebrate a decade of community, creativity, and cosplay from May 4 to May 10, 2024.

From Humble Beginnings

As we prepare for all of the fun in store for 2024, we take a look back on the start of Mini-Con—because what epic saga doesn't have an origin story?

Ten years ago, Mini-Con sprang from the pages of a dream and into the halls of our branches. It started as a small gathering aimed at local enthusiasts and has since ballooned into an eagerly anticipated annual week-long celebration of all things geeky.

"I've been able to see Mini-Con go from just this very small, one or two branch, thing into this really big event that everybody's working together on," says Kassondra Torraville, regional programming lead at Halifax Public Libraries. "This is going to be eight years [for me] this year."

A Decade of Growth

With an ever-expanding universe of fandoms being created from infinity to beyond, Mini-Con has kept up with the times. 

What started as a teen-focused event at a few branches has grown into a family affair, welcoming participants of all ages. "It's such a good family event," Kassondra notes. "A lot of the teens that would have been really excited for Mini-Con years ago are now adults, and a lot of them have families of their own."

Over the years, the celebration has transformed, mirroring the growth of its participants and the ever-evolving pop culture landscape.

From impressive cosplays of popular animes to enthusiastic participation in themed events like Star Wars Day, the convention has become a canvas for personal expression."Everybody comes to the Library, they get all dressed up, and they have so much fun," Kassondra reflects, highlighting the vibrant cosplay worn by both participants and staff that adds colour and character to every gathering, showcasing endless creativity.

Needless to say, the timeless appeal of storytelling and adventure that Mini-Con fosters within the community has made it the tradition that it has become and is still becoming.

This Year’s Highlights

Mini-Con 2024 continues to raise the bar for the celebration, featuring over 30 events, opens a new window across multiple branches (some of which happen past May 10).

This year, events span a wide variety of interests and activities, all of which can be found on our events calendar, opens a new window. Step into activities like KPOP Random Dance Play, a thrilling chance to groove to popular KPOP hits alongside fellow enthusiasts. For families, the Pokémon Family Bingo offers a delightful blend of fun and competition. Artists and art lovers can connect in the Mini-Con Artist Alley, showcasing incredible local talent. And the Superhero Party brings everyone together with games and music, celebrating our favourite heroes in a festive atmosphere.

These events are just a taste of the diverse activities designed to foster community and joy.

Behind the Scenes

It's no secret that Library staff are superheroes themselves; however, organizing such a beloved celebration is no small feat, and it doesn't happen at the speed of light.

As we look back on ten years of Mini-Con, we appreciate the hard work and dedication of these super-humans who have been bringing to Mini-Con for the past ten years across our many branches. 

Ready to give participants another great Mini-Con celebration this year, our team invites everyone and anyone to explore Mini-Con... and beyond!

"It's going to be very weird," says Kassondra. "But the vibes are going to be phenomenal."

For more information and to secure your spot at this year's Mini-Con events, please visit our Mini-Con Events Page.