First coffee corner in Alderney Gate’s new lobby is a success

Renovation results are in - and they make us all feel warm and cozy

The staff of Alderney Gate Public Library are happy to report: the new lobby makes for a perfect Coffee Corner.

In the bright, wide-open lobby

With the renovations completed and the seating area open to all, the Library's usual coffee corner moved out from its tucked-in spot and into the bright, wide-open lobby. A table was set up to display coffee, tea, and baked goods. On offer were some zucchini muffins that included the homegrown vegetables staff have been growing on the Library's rooftop patio. 

A constellation of people

And community members really liked it. There was a naturally cascading line-up that morning. Folks grabbed a seat to enjoy their beverage and snack. People were facing different directions – some side by side, some seated alone. It was a constellation of people lighting up the Library!

Come over and grab a seat

The new space and seating has staff thinking of all of the ways they can activate the space. It's a space that feels full of potential, and it's a positive way for people to connect to their Library and each other.

We look forward to seeing you.