LEGO Eco-City is Sparking ‘Living’ Conversations at the Library

Artist & Innovator in Residence Christine Hempel at Halifax Public Libraries

Halifax, N.S., August 16, 2022— A LEGO Eco-City model, training, and workshop program is touring branches of Halifax Public Libraries from now until June 2023. “Live Well Together, Play Well Together” is the theme, and behind the program is Christine Hempel, the Library’s Artist and Innovator in Residence.

"I want to see people of all ages come into the Library and get wrapped up in using LEGO to examine how we live with nature and each other, and to solve a challenge I’ve presented,” says Christine Hempel. "We are capable of creating beautiful, healthy, and just communities. When we look to nature for answers and play with options, we have fascinating discussions and open up to innovative, elegant solutions.”

Also known as the ‘Library LEGO Lady,’ Christine Hempel has engaged communities in Denmark, Sweden, and Canada with various kinds of programs rooted in art, science, and community development. Design with Nature, Design with LEGO is first of many unexpected Hempel-designed programs and drop-ins popping up at the Library.

"Christine brings a wealth of knowledge into our Library spaces," says Hannah Colville, Manager of Programming and Community Engagement for the Central District and project lead for the Artist and Innovators in Residence program. "She is an urban designer, illustrator, teacher, and LEGO enthusiast who has worked with many communities to talk through complex issues and is using play to imagine new ways forward."

Hempel’s first tour is underway. LEGO Eco-City will be at Woodlawn Public Library, August 16-September 12 and then Halifax Central on September 13. Visitors will enjoy a tour of the LEGO model, speaking with Christine Hempel, and using LEGO pieces to envision our communities.

Throughout the year, Christine Hempel will be setting up in many of Halifax Public Libraries. Her programming will be a mix of on-the-fly engagements, through office hours and drop-in conversations, and planned programs. Her programs will reflect local needs and interests and will use innovative methods for inviting visitors to talk and engage differently.

To find what the Library's Artist and Innovator in Residence is planning for your area, everyone is invited to visit for updates to the What's On calendar and her ongoing blog-journal. Or, pop by the Library and see what's happening.