Keshen Goodman Public Library Café Space Update

We’re excited to share an update on the café space at Keshen Goodman Public Library.

Halifax Public Libraries and MetroWorks Employment Association are collaborating to create a new café space at the Library. The café will be operated by Stone Hearth Bakery, Café and Catering; a division of MetroWorks.

Stone Hearth Bakery is Nova Scotia’s longest-running employment social enterprise. For over 37 years, the Bakery has been providing learning, training, and employment opportunities for community members experiencing persistent multiple barriers to employment.

Halifax Public Libraries and MetroWorks share three key values; they are purpose-driven, people-centric, and they serve as launch points for growth. “We are both doing business the social way,” says Dave Rideout, President and CEO of MetroWorks. “Partnerships, especially those with complimentary skill sets, help fill service delivery gaps in the community. Together, through this joint venture, we will be able to make informed decisions about our social impact priorities and expand our service delivery reaching more people where they live and work.”

The Keshen Goodman Public Library Café will grow over time, and the menu will reflect the dietary needs of the various cultural groups who visit the Library daily. Meals and snacks will be designed with value in mind so menu items are accessible to everyone. Limited options are available now and a full service launch is expected in early 2020.

“By bringing accessible food items to our community through partnerships with local organizations, we're enriching our community members' learning experience and engagement.” says Helen Thexton, Senior Service Manager – Western District, Halifax Public Libraries. “In addition, by partnering with MetroWorks to develop the café space at Keshen Goodman Public Library, we’re continuing to fulfill our vision as a launch point for growth.”

Annually, 500 individuals enhance their employability skills in MetroWorks programs. The Cunard Learning Centre, Options Work Activity Program, EDGE, Stone Hearth Bakery, Café & Catering, The Mobile Food Market, and Common Roots Urban Farms BiHi and Woodside offer something for everyone.

There are no planned interruptions to Library service during the renovation phase of this project.

Updates will be posted to the News section of our website at, and major updates shared via the @hfxpublib Twitter account.