L’acadie et la francophonie: Notre histoire / Our Story

Halifax Public Libraries unveils permanent bilingual display

Explore the deep roots of one of Nova Scotia’s founding cultures.

A permanent bilingual display entitled L’acadie et la francophonie: Notre histoire / Our Story was unveiled on April 20, 2017 at Halifax Central Library.

“Understanding one another’s stories deepens our relationships immeasurably,” says Åsa Kachan, Chief Librarian / CEO of Halifax Public Libraries. “Notre histoire provides a window into a significant part of the Nova Scotia story."

Visitors drawn to the display will find out more about Acadian and Francophone culture, as well as information on how to further their knowledge both through the Library’s collections and programs as well as activities across Nova Scotia.

The Notre histoire display is located on the fourth floor, adjacent to the Library’s local history collection.

Its main feature is a digital presentation of photographs and information telling the story of Nova Scotia’s large and active Acadian and Francophone community.

Did you know the Acadian and Francophone community represents 3.8% of the population of Nova Scotia?

There are also brief stories pointing to important community values, such as inclusion and education, as well as images sharing notable symbols and events.

“Throughout our long history, the Acadian and Francophone community have made valuable contributions to the vibrant culture and personality of Nova Scotia,” says His Worship Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality.

“Halifax Central Library’s newest founding cultures display will help share these stories in a place that has become synonymous with community and connection.”

Notre histoire is a permanent installation at Halifax Central Library that sits within a trio of displays celebrating founding cultures, including African Nova Scotian and First Nations. All are welcome to visit the display, and ask Library staff for recommendations on how to explore more.