Dartmouth North Outdoor Library: The Design Concept

Plans are taking shape for a fresh new outdoor Library at our Dartmouth North branch

The Dartmouth North Public Library and Community Centre has been the heart of its community since 1995. And now, it’s time for a breath of fresh air—in the first phase of our renovation project, we're building a new outdoor library and shared spaces to share, learn, and grow.

The concept of outdoor libraries is a new idea in Canada. Our vision for this space is for the Library to be able to spill into the community, providing all the regular benefits of a library—connection, learning, growth—combined with active living.

The transformation will include:

  • Large, new windows and doors leading to a furnished outdoor library 
  • A new playground 
  • Fun spaces for outdoor Library & Recreation programs
  • Free 24-hour WiFi—you can even use it outside even when the building is closed!
  • Better walkways & improved accessibility
  • New landscaping

Click the image below to see the design development drawings: