The Economist now available in print only

OverDrive’s e-Magazine collection is no longer carrying The Economist

Collection Notice

As of February 1, 2023, all editions and back issues of "The Economist" have been removed from OverDrive’s e-Magazine collection. Print versions will be available at select Library locations.

Why has OverDrive made this decision?

In response to a change in digital-lending policies for The Economist, which OverDrive could not support, OverDrive decided to remove this magazine title from its collection.

Are there any alternatives on OverDrive?

Yes, OverDrive features many other popular financial magazines, like Fortune magazine. 

Still, want to read The Economist? Check ProQuest

The Economist is also available digitally on another platform, called ProQuest, which you have access to with your library card.

Here’s how to access The Economist on ProQuest:

You can access a digital copy of The Economist on our E-Library resource, ProQuest. The easiest way to find ProQuest is to follow these steps:

  1. Click E-Library from the main menu of, opens a new window
  2. Under the RESOURCES section, click View More
  3. Click A-Z Resources, then scroll down to ProQuest and click on ProQuest.
  4. Once you've opened ProQuest, you will need to sign in using your library card number.
  5. Click Publications to search for The Economist. (*If you're using a mobile browser, Publications might not show on the main page -- click the three horizontal lines in the corner to )

Read The Economist at the Library

Although "The Economist" has been removed from OverDrive’s collection, you can still find the print version at select branches.

Print versions are currently available at the following locations: Alderney Gate, Captain William Spry, Halifax Central, Halifax North Memorial, Keshen Goodman, and Woodlawn.