The Library Is Back in Play & In Time for March Break

Halifax Public Libraries Reintroduce In-Person Programs for All Ages

News Release

Halifax, N.S.— At Halifax Public Libraries, March is signalling a return to play, connection, and discovery with over 300 programs taking place throughout the municipality for all ages. From hip hop dancing workshops to video game tournaments to live music, library locations are buzzing with activity—and just in time for March Break.

“As we seek to reengage with each other in our communities, the Library is a familiar, affordable, and happy place to start,” says Åsa Kachan, Chief Librarian and CEO of Halifax Public Libraries. “We know our children and youth have been especially affected by the disruption of the past two years, and March Break is a great time for us to say, ‘Welcome back!’”

More in-person activities

A visit to a Library branch has always included a selection of activities for all ages, even as staff needed to adapt to various restrictions. Live streaming or virtual options for some programs were made available, which will continue to provide important accessibility for those who can’t visit library locations. With the return of in-person programs comes the familiar—such as movie showtimes, maker space drop-ins, book clubs, and children story times—and a sense of renewal.

“We’re adding new events to our What’s On calendar daily,” says Karen Dahl, Senior Manager of Programming and Community Engagement of Halifax Public Libraries. “Staff in all of the 16 locations are planning activities that engages creativity and curiosity, and gives us a chance to be together in all sorts of different ways.”

An event for everyone

For youth, play includes trying out interesting technology, such as 3D printers and virtual reality. It’s super-sized activities, such as an obstacle courses or scientific explorations in the lab and in nature. Play is also competitive, with scavenger hunts, paper airplane flying tests, and gaming tournaments. Classic Library programs remain, too, such as blocks for toddlers, board games for school-aged kids, and trivia nights for teens. Even adults get a chance to play at the Library. Starting in March, there are guest panels discussing today’s social issues, concerts showcasing local talent, workshops on cooking and gardening, and screenings of the latest movies.

To find these events and more, look for the What’s On calendar or Ask the Library by calling 902-490-5753. Library programs are free and open to everyone.