Read Your Way Around The World

Australia Flag

Australia (PDF)
Australia, where sheep outnumber people, where you can have your Christmas dinner on the beach, is home to numerous species of animals found no where else in the world. It is also home to some of world's best writing. Start a literary "walkabout" with these Australian titles.

Argentina Flag

Argentina (PDF)
Argentina is the second largest country in South America. A land of extreme geography, containing both the highest and lowest points in the Americas. The incredible literature is also wide ranging. Try some of the classics and newer writers alike and begin a journey to discover Argentina.

Botswana Flag

Botswana (PDF)
Affectionately known as the Last Eden, Botswana is country of unsurpassed beauty. Some consider it the cradle of mankind. Begin a journey to Botswana within these pages. Experience the Kalahari Desert, the magnificent Okavango Delta and the many magical places in between. Explore the complex fabric of Batswana life and traditions. A trip well worth taking.

Brazil Flag

Brazil (PDF)
Brazil is the largest and most populous country in South America and the only Latin American country whose citizens speak Portuguese. Brazilian literature has grown from its colonial beginnings to its present focus on city life and the loss of traditional ways.

Czech Republic Flag

Czech Republic (PDF)
The Czech Republic's long literary tradition of excellence continues into modern times. Explore these recent Czech writers and begin to discover the special charms of Czech literature.

Iran Flag

Iran (PDF)
The modern nation of Iran exists in one of the oldest areas of human civilization. In recent years, a lot of publishing about Iran has looked the political turmoil of its recent history, but even within these writings, authors strive to show the country's beauty and culture. Read your way around Iran to discover the nation behind the headlines.

Japan Flag

Japan (PDF)
The populous and prosperous island nation of Japan is a country that is steeped in history and tradition. It is also a country that has become synonymous with modern technology and pop culture. Begin to get a feel for Japan, both modern and historical, with these recent works.

Mexico Flag

Mexico (PDF)
Mexico is a country full of passion. A love of life, family and country abounds. Not surprisingly, Mexico is also home to many outstanding writers, from Nobel Prize winner Octavia Paz to the exciting up and coming next generation. Check out these recent titles to get you started on a literary tour of Mexico.

Morocco Flag

Morocco (PDF)
You would be hard pressed to find a more historically rich country than Morocco: a crossroads of people and culture for as far back as we know. Modern Morocco is equally rich in the diversity of its people and culture. These recent writings are an interesting place to start discovering Morocco.

Poland Flag

Poland (PDF)
Poland has long been home to some of world’s best writers. There are already four Polish recipients for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Poland continues to provide world class literature. Checkout these Polish themed books, by writers both old and new.

Sri Lanka Flag

Sri Lanka (PDF)
Sri Lanka has got to be one of the most intriguing places on earth. Combining natural beauty, bountiful harvests and an amazing diversity in people and culture. Begin to discover Sri Lanka between the covers of these titles.

Sweden Flag

Sweden (PDF)
IKEA, ABBA, Volvo and Bjorn Borg - some famous exports that jump to mind when you hear the country name Sweden. Add award winning authors to that list. Sweden is a hotspring of writing talent. These top-notch writers will give you a glimpse into the mindscape that is Sweden.

Vietnam Flag

Vietnam (PDF)
Few visitors are unmoved by the beauty of Vietnam – both its land and its people. A landscape of dense forest, rolling hills and coastal beaches is home to diverse flora and fauna. A history of change and turmoil reveals the deep seated strength and inner resolve of the Vietnamese people. Start your exploration of Vietnam with these writings.

West Africa

West Africa (PDF)
West Africa comprises sixteen nations in the western most part of Africa. Among the most ethnically diverse areas of the globe, West Africa has so many great stories to offer readers